Genes defined as essential in vivo by transposon site hybridization that contain nsSNPs across all BCG strainsc

GeneRv coding sequenceBCG coding sequenceSNPFunction
nrpRv101BCG0134L1365MNonribosomal peptide synthase
senX3Rv0490BCG0531F109STwo-component sensor
kdpDRv1028cBCG1085cP83S; N776DaTwo-component sensor
murIRv1338BCG1400R154LGlutamate racemase
lysXRv1640cBCG1679cD769EaLysyl-tRNA synthase
pks12Rv2048cBCG2067cS2964RMannosyl-β-1-phosphoisoprenoid synthase
fadE22Rv3061cBCG3086cK488Ea,b; S497CbAcyl coenzyme A dehydrogenase
Rv3335cRv3335cBCG3406cA86VaIntegral membrane protein
Rv3616cRv3616cBCG3680cA4VaESX-1 secreted antigen
  • a Conservative substitution.

  • b Position with reference to H37Rv protein sequence as M. bovis 2122/97 allele is frameshifted.

  • c Transposon site hybridization was performed as described previously (50).