Subjects with different Lewis blood group phenotypes in the different study groups

Lewis phenotypeNo. (%) of subjects in indicated study groupa
BC childrenBC mothersControl children
Le(a−b+)b105 (58.6)99 (57.9)66 (59.0)
Le(a+b−)47 (26.3)42 (24.6)29 (25.9)
Le(a−b−)27 (15.1)30 (17.5)17 (15.1)
  • a BC children were >4 years old (n = 179); BC mothers were >20 years old (n = 171); and the children in the control group were <24 months old (n = 112).

  • b A total of 17/66 of the subjects were found to have the Le(a+b+) phenotype using the RBC test but were Le(a−b+) using the saliva test. They have been included in the Le(a−b+) group since RBC expression of the Le(a+b+) phenotype eventually develops into Le(a−b+) later in life (9).