Association between ABO blood group, Lewis blood group, and ETEC diarrhea in BC children

Blood groupnRatio (%) of children with ETEC diarrhea/children with indicated phenotypeaPb
A329/21 (43)9/11 (82)0.061
B4316/32 (50)8/11 (73)0.294
O5322/38 (58)11/15 (73)0.359
AB1510/11 (91)2/4 (50)0.154
Total14357/102 (56)30/41 (73)0.084
  • a A total of 143/179 children with Le(a−b+) and Le(a+b−) blood groups had ETEC infections; we excluded 24 Le(a−b−) and 12 non-ETEC-infected children from this analysis.

  • b Statistical analysis was done for the relationship between children with the Le(a−b+) phenotype and children with the Le(a+b−) phenotype.