Protective efficacy of BCG: gross pathology and M. bovis culture results

AnimalNo. of lobes infectedMedian severityLung scoreNo. of lymph nodes infectedaMedian severityLymph node scoreTotal pathology scoreBacterial load (log CFU)b
BCG-100c01 (3)11c13.38
BCG-223.572 (3)1.53104.79
BCG-31113 (5)1.25453.23
BCG-41115 (6)1.59104.69
BCG-50000 (0)000NC
BCG-60000 (0)000NC
    Total for BCG animals41.0d911 (17)1.38d17263.30
Control 114c42 (2)12c62.00
Control 20003 (4)2.5885.17
Control 334112 (3)2.55165.28
Control 424.591 (1)33125.17
Control 554207 (7)1.7515354.19
Control 623612 (14)226325.89
    Total for control animals13*4.0*d50∗27 (31)2.25∗d59∗109∗5.17∗
  • a Numbers of lymph nodes per animal with gross pathological lesions. Numbers of lymph nodes from which M. bovis could be cultured are in parentheses.

  • b Estimated bacterial burden in all lymph nodes of a given animal expressed as log CFU. NC, M. bovis could not be cultured. Totals, median values.

  • c Median values only from lung lobes and lymph nodes with lesions. 0 = no lesions found.

  • d Median values per group. Only animals with lesions were taken into account. For details of pathology scoring system, see Materials and Methods. Statistical differences between groups were analyzed with the Mann-Whitney test using the Instat program. ∗, P < 0.05.