C. pneumoniae proteins expressed in infected HEp-2 cells under normal conditions or IFN-γ-induced persistence

FunctionDesignationMrapIaEffect of IFN-γbProtein name
Outer membrane proteinsMOMP37.8 (36.0)6.8 (7.0)+Major outer membrane protein
Cell wall hydrolysisAmiB25.2 (22.8)7.5 (8.7)+N-Acetylmuramoyl-l-Ala amidase
ChaperonesGroEL58.3 (58.2)5.5 (5.3)+Heat shock protein 60
DnaK68.3 (71.3)5.1 (4.9)NCHeat shock protein 70
GlycolysisPyK50.0 (54.6)6.5 (6.7)NCPyruvate kinase
PgK41.9 (43.0)6.8 (6.1)+Phosphoglycerate kinase
GlgP37.0 (94.5)6.1 (5.8)+Glycogen phosphorylase
DNA replicationGyrA75.5 (93.8)5.7 (6.6)+DNA gyrase subunit A
TranscriptionRpoA44.8 (41.8)5.2 (5.3)+DNA-directed RNA polymerase α chain
PnP79.8 (75.3)5.5 (5.4)+Polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase
TranslationThrS70.2 (72.6)6.1 (5.8)NCThreonyl tRNA synthetase
PepA56.2 (54.7)6.2 (5.9)NCLeucine aminopeptidase
GatA54.2 (53.6)5.1 (5.8)NCGlutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase A
EF-TU44.0 (43.0)6.0 (5.4)NCElongation factor Tu
Rrf20.8 (20.1)8.0 (8.4)+Ribosome recycling factor
Amino acid biosynthesisAmn26.0 (32.6)7.5 (6.5)+AMP nucleosidase
Type III secretionSctN52.1 (48.1)5.9 (5.8)+Type III secretion ATPase
Hypothetical proteins051256.1 (56.3)6.8 (6.2)NCHypothetical protein CPN0512
082020.9 (21.6)5.7 (5.6)NCHypothetical protein CPN0820
076323.1 (26.7)5.9 (5.2)NCHypothetical protein CPN0763
042518.5 (21.3)4.6 (4.7)NCHypothetical protein CPN0425
  • a Theoretical values for Mr and pI of translated gene products are shown in parentheses and were obtained from the C. pneumoniae genome sequence database located in The Institute For Genomic Research server (

  • b +, protein found to be significantly upregulated (P < 0.05) following IFN-γ treatment. NC, no significant change in expression.