Comparisons of mutant and wild-type growth in the mouse competition model of septicemia

MutantGene or ORFFunctionCompetition index (CFU of wild type/ CFU of mutant)
Δivi813 bglG β-Glucoside-metabolizing enzyme2.1a
Δivi814 o761 Unknown1.8a
Δivi815 ycjF Hypothetical protein81.4a
Δivi816 clpB ATP-dependent protease subunit2.7
Δivi817No significant similarity to sequences in GenBank28.5a
Δivi818ORF VSimilar to serine/threonine protein phosphatase7.6a
Δivi819 aroA Aromatic amino acid biosynthesis2.7
  • a Significant (P > 0.05) based on Wilcoxon signed rank test.