DNA microarray analysis of gene expression changes in mouse hepatocytes stimulated with LPS: decreased gene expressiona

FunctionFold changeGene product and description
Signal transduction−1.5Interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 1
ATP synthase−1.5Mus musculus domesticus mitochondrial DNA, complete genome
Matricellular protein−1.6Thrombospondin 1
Chemokine or secreted cytokine−1.7Small inducible cytokine A7
−1.6Small inducible cytokine A2
Unknown−1.6F box only protein 14
  • a DNA microarray analysis was carried out as described in footnote a to Table 2. A negative ratio indicates genes whose expression was decreased following treatment with LPS. Expression changes in known genes are shown. Additional changes were observed in ESTs.