Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant properties or genotypeaSource or reference
    P. aeruginosa
        CHAMucoid CF isolate, cytotoxic5
        CHA-D1exsA::Gm mutant of CHA, noncytotoxic1
    E. coli DH5αΦ80dlacZΔM15 F endA1 hsdR17 (rk mk+) supE44 thi-1 λ recA1 gyrA96 relA1 Δ(argF-lacZYA)U169Eurogentec
    pUC18Apr, cloning vectorNew England Biolabs
    PRK2013Kmr, mobilizing plasmid helper8
    pUTTn5-TetrTetr, containing Tn5 transposon6
    pIApCCbr Apr, containing gfpmut3 gene under pexsC promoter3
    pAG710Cbr Apr, containing aceB gene under constitutive promoterThis work; reference 1
    pDD2pUCP20-derived plasmid containing exsA gene under a constitutive promoter3
  • a Apr, ampicillin resistance; Tetr, tetracycline resistance; Kmr, kanamycin resistance; Cbr, carbenicillin resistance.