Salmonella serotype Typhimurium strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeaSource or reference
Salmonella serotype Typhimurium strains
    ATCC 14028ATCCb
    IR715ATCC 14028 wild type, nalr44
    CAS152ATCC 14028 phoN::Cm sipB49
    M119ATCC 14028 sopE::tetrMirold et al.c
    JLR137ATCC 14028 phoN::Cm glpD::Tn5-lacZYMiller laboratory
    STN39ATCC 14028 nalr slrP::mini-Tn5Km249
    ZA9ATCC 14028 nalr sopE2::tetrThis study
    ZA10ATCC 14028 nalr ΔsipA (Δ16-606/685)This study
    ZA11ATCC 14028 nalr ΔsptP (Δ30-478/544)This study
    ZA13ATCC 14028 nalr ΔavrA (Δ19-213/300)This study
    ZA14ATCC 14028 nalr ΔsspH1 (Δ53-354/702)This study
    BA1567ATCC 14028 sopB::mudJ1
    ZA15ATCC 14028 nalr sopB::mudJ15
    ZA16ATCC 14028 nalr sopBE2This study
    ZA17ATCC 14028 nalr sopDThis study
    ZA18ATCC 14028 nalr sopBEDThis study
    ZA19ATCC 14028 nalr ΔsopA (Δ38-734/783)This study
    ZA20ATCC 14028 nalr ΔsopABDE2This study
    ZA21ATCC 14028 nalr ΔsipAΔsopAsopBDE2This study
    ZA26ATCC 14028 nal ΔsipAsopBThis study
    pCR2.1Ampr Kanr lacZαInvitrogen
    pRDH10Cmr sacB26
    pZA10pRDH10 carrying the flanking regions of sipAThis study
    pZA11pRDH10 carrying the flanking regions of sptPThis study
    pZA13pRDH10 carrying the flanking regions of avrAThis study
    pZA14pRDH10 carrying the flanking regions of sspH1This study
    pZA17pEP185.2 carrying sopD fragment (bp 101 to 621)This study
    pZA19pRDH10 carrying the flanking region of sopAThis study
    pSipApWSK29 carrying the sipA geneThis study
  • a The numbers in parentheses are the deleted codons/total number of codons of avrA, sipA, sopA, sptP, and sspH1.

  • b ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.

  • c Mirold et al., submitted.