N. meningitidis and N. lactamica strains used for preparation of vaccines, bactericidal assay target strains, ELISA, and challenge

SpeciesStrainSequence typeNotes
N. meningitidisZ3524ST5A, subgroup III, Chad
BZ10ST8B, A4 cluster, Z4662, The Netherlands
FAM18ST11C, ET-37 complex, Z8948, USA
ROUST11W135, ET-37 complex, Z6904, France
L91-543ST11C2a:P1.2, ET-37 complex, UK
B16B6ST11B2a:P1.2, ET-37 complex, USA
Z7990ST25B, Z7990, Norway
BZ198ST41B nontypeable, lineage 3, Z4673, The Netherlands
NZ394/98ST42B4:P1.4, lineage 3, New Zealand
BZ147ST48B:NT, The Netherlands
K454ST74B15:P1.7,16, ET-5, UK
MC58ST74B15:P1.7,16, ET-5, UK
C11ST345C, UK
GNST1604C nontypeable, UK
N. lactamicaY92-1009UK