Diverse Fur-regulated genes from model organisms and bacterial pathogensa

OrganismGene name(s) and descriptionType of Fur regulationReference(s)
B. subtilisdhb, catecholate siderophoreFe-Fur repression18, 19
fhuD, ferri-hydroximate transportFe-Fur repression19
B. japonicumirr, heme biosynthetic pathway regulatorFe-Fur repression56, 68
C. jejuniCj0859c, hypotheticalSuspected apo-Fur repression77
Cj1364, fumarate hydrataseSuspected apo-Fur repression77
E. colibfr, bacterioferritinIndirect Fur activation91
cfaB, CFA/I fimbrial subunit geneFe-Fur repression82
cir, colicin I receptorFe-Fur repression63, 69, 71
fecABCDE, ferric citrate transportFe-Fur repression3, 69, 71
fecIR, regulator of fecABCDE operonFe-Fur repression3
fepA, ferrienterochelin receptorFe-Fur repression49, 69, 79
fes, ferric enterobactin esteraseFe-Fur repression49, 79
fhuA, ferrichrome-iron receptorFe-Fur repression69, 71
fiu, ferric ion uptakeFe-Fur repression69
fur, ferric uptake regulatorFe-Fur repression38
hly, hemolysinFe-Fur repression55
iha, IrgA homolog adhesinFe-Fur repression110
iucA, aerobactinFe-Fur repression5, 39, 47, 50
sltA and sltB, Shiga toxins (Shiga-like toxins)Fe-Fur repression21
sodA, Mn-containing superoxide dismutaseFe-Fur repression11, 27, 72, 98, 108, 117
sodB, Fe-containing superoxide dismutaseIndirect Fur activation41, 42, 98
H. ducreyihgbA, hemoglobin binding proteinFe-Fur repression24
H. pyloriamiE, aliphatic amidaseFe-Fur repression23, 119
ceuE, periplasmic iron binding proteinFe-Fur repression120
exbB, biopolymer transport proteinFe-Fur repression32
fecA, ferric citrate transportFe-Fur repression120
feoB, ferrous iron transportFe-Fur repression120
frpB, iron uptake systemFe-Fur repression33, 37, 120
fur, ferric uptake regulatorFe-Fur repression, apo-Fur activation35, 36
nifS, Fe-S cluster synthesis proteinFe-Fur activation2
pfr, prokaryotic ferritinapo-Fur repression14, 23, 37
sodB, Fe-containing superoxide dismutaseapo-Fur repression23a, 45
vacA, vacuolating cytotoxinIndirect Fur repression58
L. monocytogenesfri, ferritin-like proteinFe-Fur repression52
fur, ferric uptake regulatorFur regulation86
svpA-srtB, iron uptake locusFe-Fur repression97
M. smegmatiskat, catalase-peroxidaseFe-Fur repression109, 132
M. tuberculosiskat, catalase-peroxidaseFe-Fur repression109, 132
N. gonorrhoeaefbpA, periplasmic binding proteinFe-Fur repression40
fur, ferric uptake regulatorFe-Fur repression113
opaA, opaB, opaC, opaD, opaF, opaG, opaJ, opaK, opaE, opaH, and opaI, opacity proteinsFe-Fur repression113
sodB, superoxide dismutaseFur activation113
tbpA and tbpB, transferrin receptorsFe-Fur repression1
tonB, receptorFe-Fur repression113
N. meningitidisnorB, nitric oxide reductaseFe-Fur activation34
nuoA, NADH dehydrogenase I chain AFe-Fur activation34
pan1 (now referred to as aniA), anaerobically induced outer membrane proteinFe-Fur activation34
P. aeruginosabfr, bacterioferritinFe-Fur activation126
fhuA, ferrichrome-iron receptorFe-Fur repression99
katB, catalaseIndirect Fur repression74
pchR, pyochelin siderophoreFe-Fur repression99
pfeR, enterobactin receptor regulatorFe-Fur repression100
pvdS, alternate sigma factorFe-Fur repression99
sdh, succinate dehydrogenaseIndirect Fur activation126
sodA, Mn-containing superoxide dismutaseFe-Fur repression73, 74
sodB, Fe-containing superoxide dismutaseIndirect Fur activation126
tonB, receptorFe-Fur repression100
toxA, exotoxin AIndirect Fur repression99, 107
S. aureusfhuCBD, ferrichrome-iron receptorFe-Fur repression78, 130
kat, catalase-peroxidaseFur activationb78
sirABC, siderophore transport systemFe-Fur repression78, 130
S. coelicolorcatC, catalase-peroxidaseFe-Fur repression66
fur, ferric uptake regulatorFe-Fur repression66
S. enterica serovarhmp, flavohemoglobinFe-Fur repression29
    Typhimuriumiro-28, iron-regulated proteinapo-Fur activation54, 67
mntH, bacterial homolog of mammalian natural-resistance-associated macrophage protein 1Fe-Fur repression80, 83
rfrA and rfrB, sRNAFe-Fur repression43
sodB, Fe-containing superoxide dismutaseIndirect Fur activation43
V. choleraehly, hemolysinFe-Fur repression114
irgA, outer membrane proteinFe-Fur repression60, 90
V. vulnificusfur, ferric uptake regulatorapo-Fur activation87
hupA, heme utilization geneFe-Fur repression89
vuuA, vulnibactin receptorFe-Fur repression122
Y. pestisbfr, bacterioferritinFe-Fur repression59
fhuCDB, ferrichrome-iron receptorFe-Fur repression59
feoAB, ferrous iron transportFe-Fur repression59
fepB, ferrienterochelin receptorFe-Fur repression59
ftnA, iron storage proteinFe-Fur activation59
iucA, aerobactin biosynthesis proteinFe-Fur repression59
katA, catalaseapo-Fur activation59
napF, ferredoxin-type proteinFe-Fur activation59
tonB, receptorFe-Fur repression59
  • a Due to the large volume of research on Fur, this table does not represent an exhaustive list of Fur-regulated genes.

  • b Not determined whether Fur activation is mediated through Fe-Fur or apo-Fur.