Vκ A23 Fab family: L chainsa

FabSequence of L chainVH
    008.1F9T-------RN-Q-F--Q--K---T------ YTJκ2VH3-23
    008.3C12---------N-D---TG--K---------- FTJκ3VH3-23
    008.3D7---------N-D---TE--K-----TS--- FTJκ3VH3-23
    008.4B12--------RT-E-F--K----V-T------ YTJκ2VH3-23
    008.2E7--------GN-E-F--K------T----Y- YTJκ2VH3-23
    025.1C6S------R--------E--K---------- WTJκ1VH3-23
    025.4E12S-G---------I--NR----L----S-Y- WTJκ1VH3-23
    025.7F5---------NRD----E--K---------- WTJκ1VH3-23
    027.064---------N------QV-D---T------ YTJκ2VH3-23
    027.242--------RN------E--K-L-T------ YTJκ2VH3-23
    027.304------------A---Q--K-V-T------ YTJκ2VH3-23
    027.343------------A--NQ--K-V-T------ YTJκ2VH3-23
    018.6G5---------------------L--HG--L- RTJκ2VH3-7
  • a CDR residues and gene usage of the A23 family of PPS 23F-specific Fabs. Germ line positions where identical substitutions were isolated from different individuals are shown in boldface. Fab 027.064 has a single residue insertion between Ser52 and Gly52a in the H-chain CDR2; a space was inserted at the appropriate location of the germ line sequence for purposes of alignment (see asterisks, Table 4). Donors 008 received the conjugate vaccine. Donors 018, 025, and 027 received the 23-valent PPS vaccine.