Vκ L6 Fab family: L chainsa

FabSequence of L chainJκVH
    014.7A2K------RS----------H-N--- PG ATJκ2VH3-30
    023.102------TN---G---------D--- PD ATJκ1VH3-30
    023.125------G-Q------------K--- PD GTJκ1VH3-30
    025.1H10-------R-----------H-G--- PG ATJκ3VH3-30
    025.5D3-------R-----------H----- PG ATJκ3VH3-30
    002.3B11------G-F---------------- P LTJκ4VH3-64
    002.7F3------------------------- P VTJκ4VH3-64
    002.P8E11------------------------- P VAJκ4VH3-64
    014.6G9-------I---------P---L--- P LTJκ4VH3-23
  • a CDR residues and gene usage of the L6 family of PPS 23F-specific Fabs. Germ line positions where identical substitutions were isolated from different individuals are shown in boldface. Grouping is by L-chain CDR3 length. Fabs isolated from donor 008 have 7-amino-acid L-chain CDR3 region resulting from the deletion of the first two residues of Jκ4. Donors 002, 008, and 014 received the conjugate vaccine. Donors 023 and 025 received the 23-valent PPS vaccine.