H. influenzae strains

StrainRelevant genotypeCapsular typeDescriptionSource or reference
R3001Wild typeNTHiClinical isolate from CF patientThis study
R3001ahtrB mutantNTHiTn5 mutant of R3001This study
E1aWild typebSerotype b strain41
E1a∗htrB mutantbTn5 mutant of E1aThis study
2019Wild typeNTHiClinical isolate from COPD patient6, 30
B29htrB mutantNTHiTn3 htrB mutant of 2019 (cam)23
2019 pgmB::ermhtrB+NTHiErythromycin-resistant phosphoglucomutase mutant42
2019 licD::kanhtrB+NTHilicD with kanamycin cassette from pUC4K24
B29 (KKH1)ΔhtrB(htrB+)NTHiWild-type htrB in shuttle vectorThis study
B29 (KKH2)ΔhtrB(htrB+)NTHiWild-type htrB in shuttle vectorThis study