Antibody subclass-specific response to the homologous class 3 protein in the outer membrane of H44/76 after immunization of mice with rPorB protein preparationsa

FormulationMean concn (μg ml−1) of antibody isotype:
Liposome preparations
    rPorB-liposomes+MPLA-    liposomes262<0.11
Micelle preparations
    rPorB-Zwit micelles1872<0.12
    rPorB+MPLA-Zwit micelles605423<0.13
    rPorB-NDSB micelles781<0.15
    rPorB+MPLA-NDSB micelles2025256<0.18
  • a ELISA with enzyme conjugates of rat monoclonal antibodies specific for murine immunoglobulin subclasses was used to determine concentrations of antibody subclasses in murine sera. Data are the geometric mean antibody isotype concentrations in serum from groups of five individual mice. A concentration of <0.1 μg ml−1 is below the detectable concentration. Preimmune sera and antisera raised against control preparations lacking rPorB showed no reactivity.