Reactivity of antisera raised against the rPorB preparations with whole, fixed meningococci as detected by immunofluorescencea

FormulationReactivity of antisera to:
Homologous PorB3 strain (H44/76)Heterologous PorB3 strain (MC139)Heterologous PorB2 strain (MC114)
Liposome preparations
    rPorB+MPLA-    liposomes++
    rPorB-liposomes+     MPLA-liposomes+
Micelle preparations
    rPorB-Zwit micelles++
    rPorB+MPLA-Zwit     micelles++++/−
    rPorB-NDSB micelles+
    rPorB+MPLA-NDSB     micelles+++
  • a Sera from groups of mice were pooled diluted 1 in 10 and reacted with whole cells of the homologous strain (H44/76) and heterologous strains that expressed either class 3 (MC139) or class 2 (MC114) porins. The patterns of reactivity have been described in a previous study (22). Preimmune sera and antisera raised against control preparations lacking rPorB showed no reactivity.