Characterization of mutants

Mutant typePutative product of the disrupted geneStrainHomologous sequence, organism% Similarity (% identity)aSequence length (bp)CI(s)bIn vitro CIc
Colonization and adhesion attenuatedAdhesin
    HMWf surface-exposed proteinA-13/C-65 hmw1A, H. influenzae39 (24)4790.81d, 0.21e1.38
Colonization attenuatedMetabolic enzymes
    O-sialoglycoprotein endo- peptidaseC-79 ygjD, E. coli89 (87)5300.211.19
    Lactose metabolic enzymeC-80 lacI-lacZ intergenic region, E. coli99 (98)1610.781.17
    Cyclohexadienyl dehydrataseC-107 pheC, Pseudomonas aeruginosa55 (39)5210.831.08
    Alpha-glucan phosphorylaseC-106 glgP, E. coli 96 (91)1730.431.79
    HydrolaseC-91PA2698, Pseudomonas aeruginosa73 (63)4130.571.21
    Amide-urea-binding proteinC-74AF315580, A. tumefaciens57 (42)6590.451.20
    Harpin type III secretion systemC-81 hrcU, Erwinia amylovora52 (35)2270.241.27
DNA-related enzymes
    DNA primaseC-75ECs0303, E. coli52 (32)4160.512.31
    Adenine-specific methylaseC-95BAB36637, E. coli89 (86)5750.661.51
Transcriptional regulators
    Nitrogen metabolism regulatorC-51 ntrC, E. coli 68 (42)6800.271.33
    Glycine metabolism regulatorC-85 gcvR, E. coli 88 (81)4310.361.61
Protein of unknown functionC-93 yebE, hypothetical protein in the ptrB-purT intergenic region, E. coli63 (51)3770.561.10
Adhesion attenuatedMetabolic enzymes
    l-Fucose metabolic enzymeA-20 fucA-fucP region, E. coli93 (84)1520.852.01
    l-Fucose metabolic enzymeA-37 fucA-fucP region, E. coli93 (84)1520.701.47
    l-Fucose metabolic enzymeA-46 fucA-fucP region, E. coli93 (84)1520.871.85
    2-Dehydro-3-deoxygalactokinaseA-29EG11717, E. coli57 (45)3650.681.09
    Short-chain dehydrogenase/ reductaseA-14m115766, Rhizobium sp.73 (58)5660.741.08
    Pullulanase secretion envelopeA-16 pulC, K. pneumoniae70 (61)2810.831.54
    Maltose/maltodextrin transport ATP-binding proteinA-2 malK, Salmonella serovar Typhimurium98 (93)3470.601.05
    Maltose-inducible porinA-18 lamB, Aeromonas salmonicida59 (41)6130.601.46
    Fructose permeaseA-30 fruB, E. coli57 (37)3890.861.29
DNA-related enzymes
    Type 1 restriction-modification endonucleaseA-3XF2721, Xylella fastidiosa56 (41)2720.861.27
    TransposaseA-45177546, IS903 E. coli95 (90)5930.881.43
Transcriptional regulators
    RegulatorA-5mlr1983, Mesorhizobium loti56 (35)3320.811.10
    Propanediol metabolism regulatorA-21 pocR, Salmonella serovar Typhimurium91 (85)5750.591.35
Protein of unknown function
A-8CC1834 hypothetical protein, Caulobacter crescentus42 (29)3410.811.73
A-55Hypothetical 60.8-kDa protein in the ssb-soxS intergenic region, E. coli44 (65)5750.861.16
A-43No homologous sequence in the nonredundant data bank0.891.99
  • a Similarity at the amino acid level over the open reading frame, as determined by BLASTX.

  • b CIs are the averages of results from five animals and/or of adhesion CIs from three adhesion assays.

  • c CIs obtained from static cultures.

  • d CI for adhesion to Int-407 cells.

  • e Mouse colonization CI.

  • f HMW, high molecular weight.