ELISA reactivity of antisera raised against recombinant PorB protein preparationsa

FormulationGeometric mean ELISA titer (10−3) measured against:
Homologous rPorB proteinOMs from strain:
Liposome preparations
    rPorB-liposomes+MPLA-    liposomes3110--
Micelle preparations
    rPorB-Zwit micelles420283-
    rPorB+MPLA-Zwit micelles2,1391059-
    rPorB-NDSB micelles1454--
    rPorB+MPLA-NDSB micelles4,91514317-
  • a Mice were immunized with recombinant PorB protein in the preparations as described in Materials and Methods. Pre- and postimmune sera were tested by ELISA against homologous protein and against outer membranes from the homologous PorB3 strain (H44/76), a heterologous PorB3 strain (MC139), and a heterologous PorB2 strain (MC114). Data are the geometric mean titers from groups of five mice. -, No reactivity was detected. Preimmune sera and antisera raised against control preparations lacking rPorB showed no reactivity (<1) against the antigens in ELISA.