Bactericidal activity of antisera raised against rPorB protein preparationsa

FormulationBactericidal titer against strain:
H44/76 (B:15:P1.7,16)MC139 (C:4,21:P1.1)MC167 (B:15:P1.1)
Liposome preparations
    rPorB-liposomes+MPLA-    liposomes128NDND
Micelle preparations
    rPorB-ZW micelles8NDND
    rPorB+MPLA-ZW micelles512<4512
    rPorB-NDSB micelles256NDND
    rPorB+MPLA-NDSB     micelles512<4256
  • a Pooled antisera raised against rPorB preparations were tested for their ability to induce complement-mediated killing of the homologous strain H44/76 (serotype 15), and against two heterologous strains also expressing PorB3, strains MC139 (serotype 4) and MC167 (serotype 15). Sera were tested in series of dilutions; the titer is the highest dilution of sera which produced >50% killing. −, <50% killing at the lowest dilution tested (1/4); ND, not determined.