Virulence in mice of pitA mutant strains when assessed by mixed infection against the wild-type strain

Mutant strain used against wild typeInoculation routeCI (±SD)nP value
pitA i.n.1.0 (1.1)40.52a
pitA i.p.0.42 (0.2)50.001b
piuB i.p.1.13 (0.34)9c
piaA i.p.0.28 (0.11)12c
piuB/pitA i.p.0.39 (0.1)90.001b
piaA/pitA i.p.0.45 (0.2)50.003b
piuB/piaA i.p.< 0.0014c
  • a Compared to 1.0, the expected CI for a strain with the same virulence as the wild-type strain.

  • b Compared to 1.2 (SD of 0.2), the CI for a strain containing a mutation in SP1429 (TIGR genome annotation) which is not attenuated after i.p. inoculation.

  • c —, previously reported data (5).