C. neoformans-macrophage receptor ligand interactionsa

TreatmentMean % inhibition of phagocytosis ± SEP
Spores treated with Fc-Dectin66.01 ± 10.02<0.0001
AM treated with anti-Dectin-160.2 ± 4.56<0.0011
AM treated with lamanarin48.02 ± 5.21<0.0001
AM treated with anti-CD11b33.92 ± 5.80<0.001
AM treated with anti-CD11cND>0.05
AM treated with α-mannanND>0.05
  • a The percent inhibition uptake is given relative to the uptake of spores by alveolar macrophages (AM) in the absence of treatment. P values indicate whether there was a statistically significant difference between treatments and the untreated control. ND, no difference from the untreated control.