In vivo phenotype analysis of the ΔlivHMGF S. pneumoniae strains compared to the wild-type strain using CI values for three different serotype backgroundsa

Capsular serotypeCI (95% confidence interval) obtained by various routes
n.p. (nasal wash)i.n. (lung)i.p. (spleen)
3NDb0.11 (0.004-0.58)0.076 (0.040-0.094)
41.05 (0.68-1.41)0.018 (0.001-0.34)0.62 (0.16-1.08)
  • a For these experiments, n = 5 to 10. n.p., nasopharyngeal.

  • b ND, not done (there was no nasopharyngeal model for this strain).