Characteristics of the study populationa

CharacteristicValue for:P value
Sarcoidosis patientsDisease controls
No. of:
    Patients (total)4427NS
    African-Americans, Caucasians, and Caucasian/Hispanics15, 28, 14, 23NS
    Patients at stage 0/1/2/3/40/11/25/5/3ND
    Patients with IS at bronchoscopy135
    Patients with response to ESAT-6 or KatG/total no.
Median yr of age (min, max)45 (21, 80)60 (28, 79)0.0009
Median % Lym (min, max)17 (1, 66)6 (1, 85)NS
  • a Comparison between the two groups for sex, age, and race were assessed using the Wilcoxon rank sum test. Fisher's exact test was used to compare CD4+ and CD8+ responders across the two groups. The CD4+ or CD8+ response was defined as positive when the frequency of recognition was at least twice background fluorescence and greater than 0.5%. min, minimum; max, maximum; IS, immunosuppression; Lym, lymphocyte; ND, not done; NS, not significant.