Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionAntibiotic resistanceSource or reference
E. coli DH10BCloning strainLab stock
H. pylori
    G27Wild type, type IN. Salama (6)
    SS1Wild type, type IJ. O'Rourke (19)
    SPM342FWild type, type IN. Salama (21)
    TAG101G27 ΔtlpA::cat-1CmrThis study
    TAG102G27 ΔtlpA::cat-2CmrThis study
    TAS101SS1 ΔtlpA::cat-1CmrThis study
    TCG568G27 ΔtlpC::cat-1CmrThis study
    TCS565SS1 ΔtlpC::cat-1CmrThis study
    CYG487G27 ΔcheY::aphA3-1KmrThis study
    CYS481SS1 ΔcheY::aphA3-1KmrThis study
    pBluescriptCloning vectorAprStratagene
    pBS-catpBluescript::cat (from Campylobacter coli)Apr CmrN. Salama
    pBS-kanpBluescript::aphA3 (from C. coli)Apr KmrN. Salama
    pKO112pBluescript with tlpA (SPM342F)AprThis study
    pTA101pKO112 ΔtlpA::cat-1Apr CmrThis study
    pTA102pKO112 ΔtlpA::cat-2Apr CmrThis study
    pTC100pBluescript with tlpC (SS1)AprThis study
    pTC200pTC100 ΔtlpC::cat-1Apr CmrThis study
    pKO126pBluescript with cheY (SS1)AprThis study
    pKO126KpKO126 cheY::aphA3-1Apr KmrThis study