Proteins encoded by the lpf operon of EHEC O157:H7

ProteinAmino acidsCalculated, mass (kDa)% Identity (% similarity) to fimbria-specific proteinsaProposed function
LpfA17918.573.0 (81.5) to LpfA32.3 (43.8) to FimA33.7 (45.5) to FimAMajor fimbrial subunit
LpfB23325.567.4 (80.3) to LpfB40.2 (53.7) to FimC37.8 (55.4) to FimCChaperone
LpfC36840.264.3 (74.2) to LpfC44.4 (55.1) to FimD37.2 (47.7) to FimDOuter membrane usher chaperone
LpfC′443b48.3b66.7 (76.8) to LpfC37.7 (50.5) to FimD37.0 (50.7) to FimDOuter membrane usher protein
LpfD35237.239.8 (54.6) to LpfD22.4 (37.0) to FimH22.3 (35.8) to FimHMinor fimbrial subunit
LpfE17718.448 (56.5) to LpfE28.4 (39.3) to FimI28.2 (42) to FimAFimbrial subunit
  • a LpfS.t., S. enterica serovar Typhimurium LP fimbriae; FimE.c., E. coli type I fimbriae; FimS.t., S. enterica serovar Typhimurium type I fimbriae.

  • b The calculated size and amino acid sequence of lpfC′ are obtained from the first start codon directly downstream of lpfC. The first start codon with a good Shine-Dalgarno sequence is further downstream and will produce an LpfC′ protein of 166 amino acids with a calculated mass of 17.8 kDa.