Strains used in this study

PA14Parental wild type31
PA14 ΔnarGHMembrane nitrate reductase polar deletion mutant43
PA14 ΔnirSNitrite reductase polar deletion mutant43
Complemented PA14 ΔnarGHΔnarGH::mini-Tn7-narXK1K2GHJI; insertion of wild-type copy of narXK1K2GHJI downstream of glmS site in membrane nitrate reductase mutant43
Complemented PA14 ΔnirSΔnirS complemented with cosmid pMO011424 containing entire nir operon; Tetr Kanr32, 43
PA14 MAR2xT7::norBNO reductase mutant; Gmr24
PA14 MAR2xT7::nosZNitrous oxide reductase mutant; Gmr24
PA14 MAR2xT7::pcrVT3SS mutant deficient in proper translocation of effector molecules; Gmr24
PA14 ΔexoUT3SS effector mutant deficient in phospholipase activity26
PA14 ΔexoTT3SS effector mutant deficient in ADP ribosylation and small G-protein activating protein activity26
PA103Overproduces ToxA protein28
PA103-29ToxA-deficient mutant of PA10328