Plasma creatine kinase activity after infection with C. perfringens mutants

StrainPropertiesCreatine kinase activity (IU/liter)a
JIR325Wild-type strain 13 Rifr Nalr4,970 ± 840
JIR325Wild type (heat-killed cells)201 ± 45
JIR4915JIR325 ΔnanI::catP, nanI mutant (Rifr Nalr Cmr)5,080 ± 750
JIR12017JIR4915 nanJ::erm(B), nanIJ double mutant (Rifr Nalr Cmr Emr)5,020 ± 680
JIR12018JIR325 nanJ::erm(B), nanJ mutant (Rifr Nalr Emr)5,370 ± 810
  • a Myotoxicity was evaluated after intramuscular injection (n = 8), and the creatine kinase activity in plasma was determined 5 h later. The values are the averages and standard deviations for at least three independent experiments. One international unit is the amount of enzyme that transforms 1 μmol of substrate per min under standard conditions.