Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeaReference or source
    MO10Clinical isolate of V. cholerae O139 42
    PW96MO10 lacZ::MCS 43
    MO10 ΔwaaLMO10 ΔwaaLThis study
    MO10 ΔwaaLwbfFMO10 ΔwaaL wbfF::pGP704This study
    MO10 ΔgalEKΔgalE::cm ΔgalKThis study
    MO10 wbfF wbfF::pGP704This study
    MO10 waaF waaF::pGP704This study
    MO10 wavB wavB::pGP704This study
    pTrcAkanCloning vector Kmr 24
    pBAD28Cloning vector Apr Kanr 8
    pGP704OriR6K mobRP4 Apr 22
    pUC4KApr Kmr 39
    pGPwaaFwaaFb Apr 25
    pGPwavBwavB’ Apr 25
    pKEK229OriR6K mobRP4 sacB Apr 6
    pKEKΔgalE::cmΔgalE::cm Apr 26
    pBADwaaL waaL + Kmr 25
    pACYCgalE galE + Kmr 26
    pACYCwaaF waaF + Kmr 25
    pAKwavB wavB tetR + Cmr 25
    pGPwbfFwbfF’ in pGP704 AprThis study
    pKEKΔgalKΔgalK in pKEK229 AprThis study
    pKEKΔwaaLΔwaaL in pKEK229 AprThis study
    pSSkanwavB1pAKwavB tetR+ Cmr KmrThis study
    pSSkanwavB2pSSkanwavB1 ΔtetR Cmr KmrThis study
  • a MCS, multiple cloning site.

  • b ‘gene,’ internal gene fragment.