Main features of PAI I536 to PAI IV536 of E. coli strain 536

PAIChromosomal insertion site (tRNA)Size (kb)G+C content (%)Known or putative virulence factor(s)Integrase geneDirect repeats (bp)
I536 selC 76.846Alpha-hemolysin, F17-like fimbriae,a CS12-like fimbriaeaP4-likeb16
II536 leuX 102.246Hek adhesin, P-related fimbriae, alpha-hemolysin, hemagglutinin-like adhesinaP418
III536 thrW 68.147S fimbriae, iro siderophore system, HmuR-like heme receptor,a Sap adhesin, Tsh-like hemoglobin proteasecSfX47
IV536 asnT 30.257Yersiniabactin siderophore systemP4-likeb
  • a Putative ORF or operon shows no homology on the DNA level but does with respect to the deduced amino acid sequence and genetic structure.

  • b Integrase-encoding gene is nonfunctional due to internal stop codons or a mutated start codon.

  • c Tsh-like hemoglobin protease-encoding gene is located in the 7-kb region outside of PAI III536, which is absent from the E. coli K-12 strain MG1655 genome.