Bacteria, phage, and plasmids used

Bacterium, phage or plasmidGenotype or relevant characteristicsDerivationSource or reference
S. enterica serovar Typhimurium     strains
    WClinical isolate S. enterica serovar Typhimurium Keller29
    MW mntH (Cmr)W(pTnmntH)This study
    SW sitAD (Smr)W(pKOsitADSm)This study
    FW feoB (Tetr)W(pEP185.2-feoB::Tet)This study
    TW tonB (Kmr)P22 (AIR36) × WThis study
    MSS mntH (Smr Cmr)P22 (M) × SThis study
    MFF mntH (Tetr Cmr)P22 (M) × FThis study
    SFF sitAD (Tetr Smr)F(pKOsitADSm)This study
    MTT mntH (Kmr Cmr)T(pTnmntH)This study
    MSFSF mntH (Smr Tetr Cmr)P22 (M) × SFThis study
    AIR36IR715 tonB (Kmr)30
E. coli S17λpirλ phage lysogen which contains π gene and allows replication of plasmids with an R6K origin
Phage and plasmids
    pTnMod-RCmPlasposon with an RP4 origin for conjugation, Cmr8
    pTnmntHpTnModCm derivative without Tn5 transposase gene carrying an internal PCR fragment of mntH ORF (Cmr)This study
    pKO3pSC101 derivative, which contains a temperature-sensitive origin of replication19
    pKOsitADSmpKO3 derivative carrying the sitAD deletion construct composed of the 5′ and 3′ ends of the operon ligated to SmR K7, replacing the central part of the operon, Cmr SmrThis study
    pEP185.2-feoB::TetpEP185.2 with a cassette conferring tetracycline resistance inserted into an internal site of a 895-bp fragment of feoB gene, Tetr30
    pSKmntHpBluescript SK+ carrying the complete mntH ORF, AmprThis study
    pSKmntHΔpSKmntH derivative in which the mntH ORF contains an internal deletion between two of the SacII sites, AmprThis study