Growth response of E. coli EAEC strain JPN10 to NE and related compoundsa

  • a These compounds can be divided into those that are in the mammalian catecholamine biosynthetic pathway (compounds 1 to 6), norepinephrine metabolites (compounds 7 to 11), compounds defining the minimal essential structure for E. coli growth-promoting activity (compounds 12 to 16), therapeutic agents (compounds 17 to 24), and the enterobactin breakdown product DBS (25). The compounds are further divided into subgroups I to IV depending on the concentration required to promote the growth of JPN10 in SAPI+serum to ∼10−8 CFU/ml: group I (10−6 M), group II (10−5 M), group III (10−4 M), and group IV (inactive). NA, no activity.