Anti-TNF antibody-mediated protection of d-gal-treated mice against lethal injection with either LPS or E. faecalis CP-1a

NRSNeutralizing anti-TNF serum
E. faecalis
    108 CFU0/60/60/60/6
    109 CFU0/66/6b0/60/6b
    1010 CFU5/65/63/66/6
  • a Mice were injected i.p. with 0.4 ml of LPS (0.125 μg/ml) or a bacterial suspension per mouse with or without d-gal at 50 mg/ml. Lethality was monitored for 48 h. Mice were passively immunized against TNF by administering polyclonal rabbit anti-TNF antibody via the i.p. route 1 h prior to a bacterial or endotoxin challenge. Appropriately diluted NRS was used as a control. The numerator represents the number of mice dead at 48 h, and the denominator is the number of mice receiving the specified treatment. The data shown represent a composite of two experiments.

  • b P < 0.005.