Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainRelevant characteristicsS. pneumoniae nan geneaSource or reference
N. meningitidis N3MC58C3, type B unencapsulated mutant12
H. influenzae H122Nontypeable clinical isolateThis study
S. pneumoniae
    P2R6, unencapsulatedb mutant of D39++20
    P394Type 4 genome sequence strain+c++14
    P1252Type 21 clinical isolate+This study
    P1253P1252ΔnanAThis study
  • a The presence of nanB was determined by PCR and Southern hybridization. The presence of nanC was determined by PCR (data not shown). +, present; −, absent.

  • b The presence of capsule had no apparent effect on neuraminidase activity in this study.

  • c Secreted fragment due to frameshift mutation upstream of the C-terminal cell surface-anchoring domain.