Comparison of lethality in the i.d. and i.g. challenge mouse models inoculated with whole cultures of CN3685 and isogenic toxin mutants

IsolateaDescriptionLethality (%)b
CN3685Wild type (cpb+cpa pfoA+tpeL+)10093
BMC100CN3685 Δcpbantisense25*0*
BMC101CN3685 Δcpa9166
BMC102CN3685 ΔpfoA8366
BMC103CN3685 Δcpa ΔpfoA7650*
BMC104CN3685 Δcpbsense25*0*
BMC105CN3685 cpbsense(pJIR750cpbis) (complemented strain)50*0*
BMC107CN3685 Δplc ΔpfoA Δcpb8*0*
  • a Each mouse received approximately 3 × 108 CFU.

  • b *, P < 0.05 relative to wild-type challenge, using the Fisher exact test.