McCoy cells containing inclusionsa

Lavage fluid sampleExpt no.% McCoy cells containing inclusions (mean ± SD)P
Vaginal157.6 ± 3.731.7 ± 3.6<0.0002
267.6 ± 6.724.4 ± 11.1<0.01
Uterine178.9 ± 1.239.3 ± 1.3<0.0001
275.3 ± 0.533.9 ± 1.6<0.0001
  • a C. muridarum was incubated for 1 h with vaginal and uterine lavage fluids from immunized or nonimmunized mice prior to plating onto McCoy cell monolayers. After 24 to 40 h of incubation, McCoy cell monolayers were fixed and stained to reveal chlamydial IBs. Results represent McCoy cells containing chlamydial inclusions. The dose of Chlamydia used resulted in infection of approximately 70% of the McCoy cells in the medium-only control cultures. All samples were tested in triplicate, and the results are representative of four separate experiments.