Bacterial isolates used in microarray study

Isolate designationaStrainCountry of originbHS serotype(s)
GBS-associated isolates
    1HB93-6P.R. China2
    5HB93-10P.R. China5
    6HB93-13 (ATCC 700297)P.R. China19
    8INP7 (ATCC BAA-528)Mexico19
    9HB97-34P.R. China37
    11INP21 (ATCC BAA-530)Mexico41
    12INP59 (ATCC BAA-529)Mexico41
Enteritis-associated isolates
    2481-176USA23, 36
NCTC 11168UK2
  • a Isolate designations used in Fig. 1 and 2.

  • b Abbreviations: P.R. China, People's Republic of China; USA, United States; UK, United Kingdom.