Serovar Typhimurium strain ATCC14028s mutants lacking SPI-1 effector proteins: invasion of COS7 tissue culture cellsa

StrainRelevant genotypeInvasiveness (%)No. of assaysP vs:
M741bWild typeWild type10060.002
M742invCWild type0.1460.002
M744ssaVWild type94.26NS0.002
M745ssaV invCWild type0.1660.002NS
M746cssaVsopE2 sipA43.260.0020.002
M743cWild typesopE2 sipA49.560.0020.002
  • a The data were analyzed by using the Mann-Whitney U test (see Materials and Methods). NS, not significant (P ≥ 0.05).

  • b M741 is a derivative of ATCC 14028s carrying the streptomycin resistance allele from SL1344. The invasiveness of M741 was defined as 100%.

  • c The invasiveness of M746 does not differ significantly from that of M743.