Complementation of M708: invasion of COS7 tissue culture cellsa

StrainRelevant genotypeInvasiveness (%)bNo. of assaysP vs:
M556 sseD Wild type10060.002
M708 sseD sopBEE2 sipA 0.2860.002
M708(pWSK30) sseD sopBEE2 sipA 0.2560.002NS
M708(pM712) sseD sopBEE2 sipA (pSipA)0.4860.0020.015
M732 sseD sopBEE2 sipA (c.E)17660.0040.002
M734 sseD sopBEE2 sipA (c.E2)9.250.0040.004
  • a The data were analyzed by using the Mann-Whitney U test (see Materials and Methods). NS, not significant (P ≥ 0.05).

  • b The invasiveness of M556 was defined as 100% (see Materials and Methods).

  • c c.E and c.E2, chromosomal complementation of sopE and sopE2, respectively (Fig. 1).