Phenotypic characterization of 16 selected Y. pestis Kimberley53 attenuated mutants

GroupMutantSurvivalaIn vivo CIbInterrupted sequenceAnnotation or protein
93/33 × 10−5YPO3357y0832Pcm
B20/3 (8)0.002YPO3077y1102PurK
80/3 (6)0.08YPO3505y0679GreA
C100/3 (5)0.035YPMT1.89Y1106DnaE
120/3 (4)0.054YPO2027y2285Sulfate transporter
110/3 (3)0.057YPO0458-9y3719-20Intergenic
140/3 (4)0.15YPO3045-6y1436-7Intergenic
150/3 (4)0.26YPO1179y3010Conserved hypothetical
D50/3 (5)0.52YPO3973y3857Metalloprotease
160/3 (4)0.56YPO1994y2316Hypothetical
60/3 (5)0.78YPO2793y1136Putative membrane
130/3 (4)1.07YPO2947y1537Conserved hypothetical
30/3 (5)1.54YPO2471y1718Putative exported
40/3 (5)1.87YPO1003-4y3395-6Intergenic
  • a OF1 mice were injected s.c. with 100 CFU of each mutant, and survival was monitored for 21 days. The values are the number of mice that survived/number of mice tested. The values in parentheses are the mean time to death (in days). The mean time to death for mice injected with 100 CFU of the Kimberley53 wild-type strain was 4 days.

  • b Mice were infected with a 1:1 mixture of the mutant and the wild type (total, 104 CFU). In vivo CIs were determined based on counts of bacteria extracted from spleens at 48 h postinfection.