Prevalence of cci genes mapped by Southern hybridization with the BCC genomic DNA arrays

Gene probeNo. of strains that hybridized to the indicated BCC genomovar
I (n = 23)B. multivorans (n = 53)B. cenocepacia (n = 88)B. stabilis (n = 12)B. vietnamiensis (n = 21)VI (n = 2)B. ambifaria (n = 19)B. anthina (n = 10)B. pyrrocinia (n = 13)
Arsenic resistance gene (BCAM0236)41346330800
AHL synthase (cciI)0048a000000
IS transposase (BCAM0248)106000023
BCESM (esmR; BCAM0256)0048a000000
Amidase (amiI)0048a000000
Porin (opcI)0048a000000
Stress protein (BCAM0278)0020100700
Hypothetical gene (BCAM0280)0017000000
  • a AHL synthase, amidase, and porin gene probes hybridized to exactly the sames strains as the BCESM probe across the array.