Whole-cell ELISA and bactericidal titers of mouse antibodies raised against rLP2086 tested against multiple serogroup B meningococcal strains

Test strainTest strain serosubtyperLP2086-8529 anti- sera (subfamily B)rLP2086-2996 anti- sera (subfamily A)
Whole-cell ELISA titeraBC50 titerbWhole-cell ELISA titeraBC50 titerb
Subfamily B
    M97 252097P1.7-2,16>1,458,000>800
Subfamily A
    M98 250771P1.22,14139,397<25447,867800
    M98 250732P1.22,14-123,928241,510>800
    M97 252697P1.18,25,699,580320,732>800
  • a Endpoint titers expressed as the reciprocal of the dilution at absorbance = 0.1.

  • b Bactericidal (BC50) titers are represented as the reciprocal of the dilution of antiserum that reduced viable cell count by 50%. Week 0 normal mouse sera had BC50 titers of <25. A dash indicates samples were not tested.