rLP2086 elicits greater bactericidal antibody than rP2086 in mice

AntigenTest strain titera
H44/76M97 252697
rP2086-8529 (nonlipidated)200
rLP2086-8529 (lipidated)3,200
rP2086-1573 (nonlipidated)<25
rLP2086-1573 (lipidated)200
rP2086-2996 (nonlipidated)<25
rLP2086-2996 (lipidated)>800
  • a Bactericidal (BC50) titers represented as the reciprocal of the dilution of antiserum that reduced the viable cell count by 50%. Week 0 normal mouse serum had BC50 titers of <50. A dash indicates samples were not tested.