Prevalences of virulence genes in H. influenzae isolates from the middle-ear cavities of children with acute otitis media and from the throats or nasopharynges of healthy childrena

GeneGene productNo. of isolates with gene/total isolates (%) from:PSource or reference
Middle earThroat or nasopharynx
lic2A LOS glycosyltransferase47/48 (98)69/90 (77)0.001 35
lic2B LOS glycosyltransferase25/48 (52)13/90 (14)0.000026 35
hif clusterAdhesin10/50 (20)23/62 (37)0.38I. Z. Ecevit, unpublished data
hmw Adhesin5/9 (55)7/30 (23)0.03I. Z. Ecevit, unpublished data
  • a The H. influenzae strains were collected over many years from widely diverse geographic locations. The hif cluster and hmw genes were detected by dot blot DNA hybridization using DNA probes designed to hybridize with hifB and hifC, hmw1A, hmw2A, and hmwC.