Peptide reactivities of 30 M. tuberculosis CFP-10-specific T-cell hybridomas

T-cell hybridoma(s)Peptide(s)Cross- reactivity
3A2, 5A5, 5A6, 5A12, 7F12, 8E8, 10A6p1 > p2aNo
4E9p1 > p2, M. leprae p1 cross-reactiveYes
5B12, 6D5p4No
1G10, 2B12, 3C6, 4D12, 4E10, 5H9, 6G10, 8G10, 10G12p9No
5B7, 5D9p9 and p10No
2A10, 2H5, 3G11, 5C3, 6A3, 6F5, 9D7, 9H1, 10B8p15 and p16No
  • a The optimal peptide concentrations used to induce stimulation of T-cell hybridomas were approximately 7 to 15 μM. The amount of IL-2 secreted in 24-h culture supernatants, as measured by capture ELISA, was >20 pg/ml, while stimulation with the corresponding non-cross-reactive M. leprae peptide resulted in background levels of <1 pg/ml.