Genetic basis of P. mirabilis transposon mutants

Group, transposon mutantP. mirabilis DNA sequence at transposon junction (5′ to 3′)aPutative identity of disrupted genetic locus
1, Control mutant BVJ14CTTTAGTGGTTGCAAACTCA cirA-like CDS for an outer membrane receptor for colicin uptake (COG1629)
2, Poor-swarming mutant G77CTAATGTCCACAGTATTAAGIntergenic mutation between acrR-like transcriptional regulator CDS (COG1309) and methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein CDS (pfam00015)
3, Nonswarming mutant G93GTGTAGACCAACACCTGATT surA-like CDS for a parvulin-like peptidyl-prolyl isomerase (COG0760)
4, Nonswimming, nonswarming mutant NS63GTGTTACATAAAGTATTGCA flhA homologue part of flagellar biosynthesis pathway (COG1298)
  • a The disrupted locus for each mutant may be obtained by matching each sequence to the P. mirabilis genome project as described in Materials and Methods.