Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
E. coli strains
    HB101General cloning 6
    TOP10General cloning and blue-white screeningInvitrogen
    SM10λpirSM10 with a λ prophage carrying the π protein; Kmr 30
B. thailandensis strains
    E264Soil isolate from central Thailand 7
    DW503E264 derivative; Δ(amr-oprA) rpsL (Smr) Tcs 9
    DD5026E264::pDD157; TcrThis study
    RM600DW503 derivative; araC::Tn-5OT182 Ara TcrThis study
    RM601DW503 derivative; araC::pGSV3-lux GmrThis study
    RM602DW503 derivative; araE::pGSV3-lux GmrThis study
    RM603DW503 derivative; araI::pGSV3 GmrThis study
    RM604DW503 derivative; araA::pGSV3 GmrThis study
B. pseudomallei strains
    1026bClinical isolate; AGr Tcs 12
    DD5031026b derivative; Δ(amrR-oprA) rpsL (Smr) AGs Tcs 24
    406eTcsClinical isolate, Thailand
    316cTcsClinical isolate, Thailand
    SZ5026406e::pDD157; TcrThis study
    SZ5028406e::pDD5026H; TcrThis study
    pDD1571,136-bp araA cloned into pSKM11; Apr TcrThis study
    pDD5026H13.5-kb arabinose assimilation operon from DD5026 in pSKM11 via self-cloning; Apr TcrThis study
    pCR2.1-TOPO3.9-kb TA cloning vector; pMB1 oriR; Apr KmrInvitrogen
    pGSV3Mobilizable suicide vector; OriT Gmr 10
    pGSV3-luxMobilizable suicide vector containing lux operon from pSC26; OriT GmrThis study
    pCS26-PacReporter plasmid containing luxCDABE of Photorhabdus luminescens 4
    pRM601IntpGSV3-lux containing 465-bp internal fragment from araC, used to construct RM601This study
    pRM602IntpGSV3-lux containing 676-bp internal fragment from araE, used to construct RM602This study
    pRK2013Self-transmissible helper plasmid; Kmr 16
    pSKM11Mobilizable suicide vector; Tcr Ampr 23