Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidCharacteristic(s) relevant for this studyReference or source
    C. freundii
        3009Human UTI isolate33
        3009-dzΔfim(D)HFZCf, 3009 derivateThis study
    E. coli
        AAEC189K-12, Δfim, afimbriated5
        BL21(DE3)pLysSB, F ompT hsdSB(rB mB) gal dcm (DE3)(pLysS)(Cmr)40
        DH5αK-12, fim+, predominantly fimbriated21
        HB101K-12, fim+, not fimbriated10
    S. enterica serovar Typhimurium C17Clinical isolate30
    pBR322′2.7-kb BamH1/PvuII part of pBR322, Apr7
    pJP5603Suicide vector, Kmr, oriR6K, mobRP435
    pK19mobBroad-host-range vector, oriV oriT mobRP4, Kmr39
    pSU19Cloning vector, Cmr3
    pT7-3Expression vector, bla under φ10 promoter control, Apr41
    pT7-6Expression vector, bla not under φ10 promoter control, Apr41
    pAA8pSU19 carrying fimAICDHCfThis study
    pANN801-13pBR322 carrying sfaI from E. coli strain 536, Apr20, 25
    pAZZ50pBR322 carrying sfaII from E. coli strain IHE3034, Apr18
    pB7-3fimAICDHFCf under φ10 promoter control in pT7-3This study
    pB7-6fimAICDHFCf in pT7-6 antiparallel to the φ10 promoterThis study
    pGB30pHC79 carrying fimEc from E. coli strain 536, Apr19
    pISF101pACYC184 carrying fimSt from S. enterica serovar Typhimurium, Cmr11
    pMMP658-6pBR322 carrying sfr from E. coli strain BK658, Apr34
    pPH1pSU19 carrying fimAICDHZCfThis study
    pPH4Religated 7.1-kb HpaI/SnaI fragment of pPH1This study
    pPH134-kb SalI/KpnI of pPH4 in suicide vector pJP5603This study
    pPH196.2-kb PstI fragment of pTO3 in pBluescript II KS carrying fimICDHFCfThis study
    pPH23pK19mob carrying fimDHFZCfThis study
    pPH24pPH1 with IS1 in fimACfThis study
    pPIL110-54pACYC184 carrying foc from E. coli strain AD110; Cmr24, 44
    pTO3pBR322 carrying the whole fim cluster from C. freundii22