Activation of lipoprotein gene expression in mucoid P. aeruginosaa

Gene no.bGene nameDescriptioncFold activationP value
PA1323Unknown1039.8 × 10−6
PA3691lptELipoprotein LptE874.9 × 10−6
PA5526lptGLipoprotein LptG610.0005
PA3819slyBPossible porin560.0002
PA3692dlptFLipoprotein LptF530.004
PA4876osmELipoprotein OsmE496.0 × 10−5
PA0737lptDLipoprotein LptD490.0002
PA1592lptALipoprotein LptA354.8 × 10−6
PA0062lptCLipoprotein LptC348.8 × 10−5
  • a The data shown are for all P. aeruginosa genes with activation exceeding 30-fold in mucoid cells and with P values of <0.001.

  • b Genes are ordered by decreasing levels of induction.

  • c A Lpt designation indicates the presence of a typical lipoprotein signal sequence.

  • d PAO3692 lptF was included based on a genetic linkage to PAO3691 lptE and a statistically significant induction (P < 0.005).