Loci or genes within the same operon identified by multiple STM analyses with constitutive gene expression as determined by in vivo microarray analysis

Gene nameTIGR annotationaCellular role
iga; immunoglobulin A1 proteaseSP0071A,BPathogenesis: degradation of slgA
Formate acetyltransferase, putativeSP0251A,CEnergy metabolism: fermentation
Transcriptional regulator, putativeSP0306A,CRegulatory functions: other
zmpB; zinc metalloprotease ZmpBSP664A,BPathogenesis: protein and peptide secretion degradation of proteins
Transcriptional regulator, LysR familySP927A,CRegulatory functions: DNA interactions
pavA; adherence and virulence protein ASP966A,CPathogenesis: cell adhesion
Cof family proteinSP1291AUnknown
SAP domain proteinSP1292BUnknown
Oxidoreductase, Gfo/Idh/MocA familySP1482CUnknown substrate
ATP-dependent RNA helicaseSP1483ATranscription
msmK; sugar ABC transporter, ATP-binding proteinSP1580A,BCarbohydrate transport
ROK family proteinSP2142A,CSmall molecule interactions
Antigen, cell wall surface anchor proteinSP2145A,BUnknown
  • a Superscript letters: A, identified by STM (13); B, identified by STM (39); C, identified by STM (25).