Relative abundance and probable cellular location of selected transcripts

Transcript group and nameAffymetrix probe identification no.GenBank no.Mean relative abundancea (n = 4) on:Fold changePb
Day 0Day 14
Goblet cell/Paneth cell transcripts
    Siat4c95599_atD28941131,06875.92.58 × 10−7
    Clca3 (Gob-5)162287_r_atAV3733783,7287,4972.00.0006
    Glandular kallikrein K994716_f_atM179622799722.80.001
    Phosphomannomutase 193360_atAF0072671383464.14.14 × 10−6
    Relmβ/FIZZ293755_atAA61174051,103206.23.55 × 10−6
    Cryptdin-related protein 4C94738_s_atM332275,137791−6.50.001
    DNase 192865_atAJ0000621,728130−13.30.006
Mast cell transcripts
Innate/immunological transcripts
    RP105 (Ly64)98000_atJ046345,1872,127−2.40.0005
Metabolic enzymes
    Aldolase 1, A isoform160090_f_atY005161,7213,8242.24.42 × 10−5
    Enolase 1, alpha non-neuron160568_atAI8413892,3283,8201.60.0003
    Lactate dehydrogenase A-496072_atM175164,4427,6181.70.001
    Malic enzyme101082_atJ026522790933.00.0004
    Phosphoglycerate kinase 193346_atM156681,2111,9191.60.0003
    Phosphoglycerate mutase 1160091_atAW1254017111,0121.48.34 × 10−5
Glutathione antioxidant screen
    Glutathione peroxidase 299810_atX918641,4466,5524.55.67 × 10−5
    Glutathione reductase 1160646_atAI8519834461,7293.90.0004
    Glutathione S-transferase, omega 197819_atAI8431191,3613,3822.55.69 × 10−6
Enterocyte transcripts
    Sprr2A101024_i_atAJ005559293.911,158387.42 × 10−7
  • a The mean signal level at day 0 and day 14 is given for the selected transcripts. Values that were below the threshold level of detection (set at a mean of 50) are in boldface. For comparative purposes, the effective-fold change includes instances in which one of the values is below the threshold of detection.

  • b P values are shown for signals that changed significantly on infection (t test with Welch correction; n = 4 [P ≤ 0.001]), with the exception of DNase I, Reg3β, and Reg3γ.